HR and their Tryst with Digitally-driven Employees Experience

by Jody Ordioni

The greatest target of an HR employee is to provide job satisfaction to the other employees. Every day can't be filled with rainbows. If one works in HR, one has to solve problems that employees don’t even fathom, in ways that are unique. This has traditionally been the way things are dealt with.

However, with the advent of technology-driven connectivity and drive towards digital transformation, the need to deal creatively with problems has increased. The emphasis is on making the HR department competent to deal with a work-force that has easy-access to answers and relies on self-service.

The focus of the HR is to engage and retain the talent of the company. A gap has to be bridged between what the HR thinks and what the employees want. When people are free from menial tasks, they can focus on the work they truly love. If HR can provide this comfort, they can connect people to their purpose.

The bond the HR fosters between the company and the employees build a culture of happiness and high-performance. Treating employees rightfully isn’t restricted to just performing routine tasks. It also pertains to creating a space where connection and collaboration are encouraged-both physically and digitally.

Supporting Employees Any Which Way

A great demand of the employees is to support them when they need. It is a reasonably achievable goal that can be fulfilled by aiding their channel of choice. The support can be provided through a face-to-face conversation that an employee might need or through the digital convenience of a single-click experience that provides them with the information they need.

The digital employee experience is gaining momentum. By implementing a digital experience, the company reflects that the employee comes first. Simultaneously inculcating a digital channel is not a tedious process and is tangible proof that employees come first. Thus, HR must switch lanes from treating employee experience as a transaction and treat it as an intuitive, personalized initiative.

The emphasis should lie on creating and highlighting ‘moments that matter’. There are certain touchpoints in the work-life of an employee that can either be frustrating or fulfilling. Searching for information without any success can be an example of undue stress while seamless onboarding can be a breath of relief in a hectic day.

It is the responsibility of the HR to tailor an experience wherein the employees do not suffer many frustrations. The compatibility of digital experience can provide real-time feedback on the HR’s initiatives.

Supporting What Matters Through Digital Channel

HR devotes time, money, and resources into implementing the traditional core systems they believe will yield good results for the employee experience. The obstacle is that traditional HR systems are concerned with limited factors. It can be defined in a handful of individual business purposes such as learning initiatives, payroll, time, and attendance.

It leaves HR bereft of a solitary, unifying system for employee experience. Initiatives like automation, self-service, machine learning, and predictive intelligence can be a great start to building a seamless digital experience for the employees.

Tapping into Tech to Create Unifying Experience

HR needs to concentrate on creating one fabric that unifies their services. To come up with the best solution, there are a few questions that HR should ask themselves:

Implementing the correct platform is essential to delivering personalized experiences and HR services.

  1. Does this platform engage the users to a high capacity?
  2. Does the new platform get incorporated into existing systems without creating a glitch?
  3. Does the depth and breadth the platform provide work in tandem with the unique business needs of the company?
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