The Top Boosters of Employee Engagement

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There are various ways that employers can utilize to increase the levels of employee engagement. However, certain factors at the end of the employees also impact the overall interaction they have in the workspace. The engagement of an employee reflects the mental and emotional connection they feel to the structure of the company. It can enhance the performance of the company if handled well.

2018 Employee Engagement Trends, a study carried out by Quantum aims at finding out the significant motivators that lead to an increase in the levels of employee engagement. The report takes into account surveys from 50 places of work in the US. It studies the responses of roughly 600,000 employees, spread out across 8000 organizations.

The Catalysts in Employee Engagement

The five major motivational factors according to the employees regarding the highest favorability factors are:

The Least Favorable Factors among Employees

On the other end of the rainbow, several factors are the least favorable among the employees. Read about them in the following lines:

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