Keys to Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce


  • Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, SVP & CHRO, Symantec
Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Most global businesses today have wide ranging customer sets, with multinational needs and solutions. Those that are well positioned for success will have workforces resembling the customer base and community as a whole. Without diversity of thought and experience, the customer base cannot be understood or properly served. Diversity in the workforce and equal treatment are therefore prerequisites for any successful organization. In order to represent everybody - not just a segment of the employees, businesses must remove biases, get the best and brightest in the war for talent and embrace all the different benefits diversity brings for their customers. In this session, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, SVP & CHRO at Symantec, will explain the critical need for a diverse and inclusive business environment. She will explain the effectiveness of the “diversity multiplier” and share practices she has put in place to help leverage the power of inclusion. Finally, she will explore how having a strong talent and workforce strategy results in amazing dividends for all customers and shareholders.

Webcast Presenter
Amy Cappellanti-Wolf
With more than three decades of experience leading companies across high tech, entertainment and consumer products industries through complex transformations, Amy is a proven organizational design..