What's nEXt: Bringing Happiness to the Work Experience


  • Jason Lauritsen, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Consultant
  • Nataly Kogan, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author
Date: Thursday, June 06, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM EST

Do we really need to be concerned about the happiness of our employees? This is a question that causes serious debate in many organizations. This month, our guest is Nataly Kogan, author of Happier Now and creator The Happier MethodTM. She will show us that happiness is not simply a feeling, but skill that can be learned and developed. We’ll explore the science behind her work, the skills she teaches, and discuss how equipping our employees with the skills of happiness will lead to better emotional health and improved performance.

Nataly Kogan is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. Her mission is to help millions of people optimize their emotional health through science-backed, practical skills so they can thrive in work and life. At 13, Nataly fled the former Soviet Union with her family and came to the US as a refugee. She reached the highest levels of corporate success at McKinsey and Microsoft, and at 26 became a managing director in venture capital. But she was burned out from juggling non-stop work and family responsibilities and felt unfulfilled. Her journey to find meaningful, lasting happiness and discovery of scientific research on emotional well-being led her to found Happier.

Webcast Presenters
Jason Lauritsen
Keynote Speaker, Author, and Consultant
Nataly Kogan
Nataly Kogan is the creator of the Happier MethodTM and an entrepreneur, speaker, and author.