What’s nEXt: Designing an Inclusive Employee Experience


  • Jason Lauritsen, Author, and Consultant, Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture Expert
  • Joe Gerstandt, Speaker, Author and Advisor
Date: Thursday, December 06, 2018
Time: 11: 00 AM EST

Many organizations today espouse a commitment to diversity and inclusion in their workplace. Despite their articulation of good intentions, most still struggle to create an inclusive workplace for all employees. Joe Gerstandt will join this month’s webcast for a conversation about why we haven’t made more progress in the work of inclusion and how to change that.

Our conversation will explore what inclusion and diversity really mean and why it’s important to find clarity about these issues. We will discuss why inclusion is critical to innovation, performance and engagement. Then we will learn how Joe is helping leaders begin to design and foster a truly inclusive employee experience.

Webcast Presenter
Jason Lauritsen
Jason Lauritsen a keynote speaker, author, and consultant. He is an employee engagement and workplace culture expert who will challenge you to think differently.
Joe Gerstandt
Joe Gerstandt is a speaker, author and advisor bringing greater clarity, action, and impact to organizational diversity and inclusion efforts.