Why Your CEO Doesn't Care About Engagement (And What to Do Next)


  • Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Host of We're Only Human Podcast and Author
Date: Thursday, March 07, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM EST

In the last 10 years, employee engagement on a global level has remained fairly static despite the valiant efforts of HR leaders everywhere. What gives? It turns out that businesses invest in things that they think are valuable, and engagement is a metric that's hard to measure. It's squishy math, in other words, and that's exactly why CEOs don't care about employee engagement.

In itself, the concept of engagement has no intrinsic value. However, by connecting engagement with critical business activities that CEOs do care about, employers can get executive buy-in and finally make progress on improving their engagement numbers once and for all.

In this session we'll examine a wide variety of research, case studies, and examples of how employers are making progress on engagement numbers and how you can, too.

Webcast Presenter
Ben Eubanks
Ben Eubanks is the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory and the author of Artificial Intelligence for HR: Use AI to Build a Successful Workforce (Kogan Page, 2018).